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Digestive health is of the utmost importance to your horses health. Horses rely on quality fibre nutrition to feed the millions of tiny microbes that support gut health and feed utilisation and conversion.

Blackhawk Saddlery are stockists of the Sound Fibre Feeds Super Fibre Range. Super Fibres are a useful component in Equine Nutrition. Firstly they can assist in increasing your horses dry matter intake.

(Forage and Fibre Daily Dry matter intake should be 1.5% - 2.5% of your horses Bodyweight everyday, particularly in Winter as horses need their fibre to generate internal heat for warmth).

They can also assist in increasing your horses water intake, holding up to 4 times its weight in water - Sound Fibre is quick to prepare, fast soaking and served as a palatable wet mash to mix with long fibres, such as chaff of chaffage.

During winter, when the pasture quality is low and hay isn't typically enough for winter maintenance, Sound Fibre can assist in adding the digestible fibres back into your feed ration - Hay can vary a lot in digestible fibres and pasture can contain as much as 80% water; so a horse is unlikely to be able to graze enough pasture safely to maintain its daily fibre requirements.

Sound Fibre is also a great source of 'quality proteins', they contain residual oils within the super fibres to add a little fat to the diet and enhance coat condition. Sound Fibre Plus is more of the good stuff and a source of Omegas 3, 6 and 9, with mucilage properties for gastric support and more residual oil. Sound Fibre Ground Greens contains a highly digestible source of quality ground Lucerne blended with Sound Fibre Super Fibres. All of these feeds are great for horses with poor dentition whom are unable to grind feeds into digestible particles. For more information contact Sound Fibre at www.soundfibrefeeds.com

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